Deep Water Salvage Season Two In The Works

Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Studios company, and Renowned Films have teamed up to co-produce a second season of Deep Water Salvage.

Season two of the docuseries will go even further behind the scenes with professional salvage teams who brave the seas around the world to save storm-wrecked ships. The new episodes will also take a closer look at the havoc wreaked by the increase in deadly weather events like hurricanes, floods and tidal waves.

Deep Water Salvage season two is an original commission for The Weather Channel in the U.S. and Blue Ant Media’s Cottage Life channel in Canada. Blue Ant International oversees all international licensing for seasons one and two of the series outside of the U.S.


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Julie Chang, executive VP of international co-productions, said: “The second season of Deep Water Salvage has been increased to ten episodes and gives audiences even more inside access to the people and stories in this largely unknown world of thrilling ocean rescue missions. Partnering with Renowned Films on this ambitious and returnable series has given both teams the financial and creative resources to create a truly unique viewing experience and is a great example of Blue Ant Media’s commitment to developing strong, long-lasting partnerships with a broad range of premium producers around the globe.”

Kate Maddigan, head of content at Renowned Films, said: “This series offers viewers another chance to immerse themselves in the characters who sail, dive and salvage what Mother Nature tried to destroy. Daring, skill and bravery are the attributes needed, and this series allows audiences to get to know these heroes of the sea up close and personal. The unprecedented access secured across the world means the stories unfold in real time, and the audience can be right there under the sea alongside the divers getting an insight to this underwater world.”

Howard Sappington, VP of original programming at The Weather Channel, said: “Deep Water Salvage takes our viewers to the depths of the sea for exhilarating adventures, and in season two, we have even more inside access to the salvage missions, intensifying the thrilling ocean rescue stories. The Weather Channel’s commitment to sharing impactful stories about weather and our changing climate that are science-based, educational and entertaining fits perfectly, as our next season of Deep Water Salvage is set to deliver the kind of exciting original programming that our viewers love.”

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Deep Water Salvage Season Two In The Works


Deep Water Salvage Season Two In The Works

Deep Water Salvage Season Two In The Works


Deep Water Salvage Season Two In The Works