Enviro Eyes New Location For Tire Recycling Plant In Sweden

STOCKHOLM—Scandinavian Enviro Systems has progressed with its plans to build a major waste tire pyrolysis facility in Sweden and is submitting new documents regarding an alternative location for the construction of the plant.

In a Sept. 10 statement, the company said it was preparing to submit to local authorities in Vaestra Goetaland additional consultation documents for the plant, which the company said will be able to process half of the country's annual end-of-life tires.

Earlier in the year, Enviro said it intended to submit a proposal for consultation documentation to Vaestra Goetaland authorities for the construction of a waste tire recycling plant in the Lillesjoe district of Uddevalla.

"When preparing the application, another alternative location for the recycling plant was identified," Enviro said in its latest statement.

The company is supplementing the consultation to encompass the additional alternative location.

Enviro expects to submit a formal application for construction permission in autumn this year.

As previously stated, a final decision on establishment of a plant will depend on other factors, such as securing access to end-of-life tires and agreements covering deliveries of recovered materials.

Source : https://www.rubbernews.com/expansion/enviro-changes-plans-tire-recycling-plant-sweden