Michelin To Roll Out Tires With Recycled Plastics By 2024

MUNICH, Germany — Group Michelin is aiming to incorporate waste plastic into its tires by as early as 2024 as part of a drive to solve the "society's plastic problem."

Michelin claims "high-tech" recycling processes it is developing will have the potential to recycle 4 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles into raw materials that can be used in reinforcing fibers for tires.

"In one tire, we can process up to 143 yogurt cups and around 12.5 PET bottles with the high-tech recycling processes," Anish Taneja, CEO of Michelin's Northern Europe region, said ahead of the German transportation mobility show IAA, which runs through Sept. 21 in Munich.

In a symbolic gesture, Michelin is conducting a plastic-collection campaign in Munich, with the participation of its top management and employees.

"Together, the company wants to create awareness that today's garbage will become a valuable resource for tomorrow's tires," the tire maker said.

As part of its sustainability commitment, Michelin has set itself a target of incorporating 40% sustainable materials such as natural rubber or sunflower oil into its tires by 2030.

By 2050 , Michelin tires should be completely sustainable, using raw materials such as

recycled PET .

At the IAA, the French tire maker has set up a "REGEN'Lab," where visitors can see recycling processes and how raw materials for new tires are obtained from wood, PET plastic or packaging waste.

Michelin also is premiering its

Uptis airless tire/wheel hybrid on the road in Munich during the IAA show.

The tire, which was originally unveiled in 2019, has been developed in partnership with General Motors Co. and is set for commercial launch by 2024.

Source : https://www.tirebusiness.com/news/michelin-use-recycled-plastics-tires-2024