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As electric car adoption picks up around the globe, startups are popping up to give drivers not just more places to charge, but more ways to do it. Some even hope to leave the plug behind: Wireless EV charging is on the leading edge of an overall charging business that could hit more than $207.5 billion by 2030, according to Guidehouse Insights.

Instead of having to use charging equipment that requires chunky cables and extensive utility work, properly equipped vehicles could simply park or drive over a wireless charging pad and juice up. The charging tech can be put into parking spots or structures, or at depots for electric delivery vans and trucks, ride-hailing cars, and buses.

Wireless charging is "a nascent market with a lot of potential to grow," said Scott Shepard, principal research analyst leading insights group at Guidehouse Insights. 

But Guidehouse also forecasts that wireless chargers might only account for 2% of the market by 2030 (with the number of wireless units only a fraction of the overall chargers out there), and challenges stand in the way. Industry standards for the tech are still in the works. It requires buy-in from automakers to install the accompanying receiver on their cars. And even when it is more prevalent, it could be primarily a premium market buy. 

If they can crack those challenges, wireless charging presents interesting opportunities. Here's six startups working on it:

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